Piles And Fistula

These two diseases are occurred for maintain of bad lifestyle. Although piles and fistuala developed in the anus but these two are completely different each other according to medical practitioners.

You can prevent piles and fistula by maintain a healthy life-style. Piles are painless whereas fistula cause a lot of pains. You can identify piles and fistula at your home by know some common symptoms like sometimes blood comes with your stool and it will be continue till untreated or softness of stool. Piles is a swollen blood vessel so it is pain less whereas fistula is a cavity around rectum. So it causes a lot of pain.

Though piles and fistula are lifestyle disease but it is curable for proper early diagnosis. Now “Ayurishi nature care & cure” is providing proper piles and fistula treatment by our experienced doctors who have many years experienced in piles and fistula treatment in Kolkata, Howrah, Patna, and all over West Bengal. It is possible to cure completely by Ayurvedic treatment. Apart from this, our experience piles doctors and fistula doctors guide their patients for proper diet along with physical activities which helps them to cure faster.