The discharge of thick white, yellowish or greenish fluid from the vagina is known as Leucorrhoea. Both married and unmarried girls may be faced leucorrhoea. It is a mild and odourless discharge. So you have to examine yourself sincerely.

Although Leucorrhoea is normal and healthy in some cases but it may be harmful for untreated for a long time. Generally, it is seen more in married women rather than unmarried girl. Also it is observed that pregnant women are suffering more in Leucorrhoea than non-pregnant women.

Though leucorrhoea is normal but it is fully curable for proper early diagnosis. Now “Ayurishi nature care & cure” is providing proper treatment of Leucorrhoea by our experienced doctors who have many years experienced in Leucorrhoea treatment in Kolkata, Howrah, Patna, and all over West Bengal. It is possible to cure completely by Ayurvedic treatment. Apart from this, our experienced doctors guide their patients for proper diet along with physical activities which helps them to cure faster.